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People from the United Kingdom and other European countries choose to have their weight loss therapy using a gastric balloon in the Wonderful Copenhagen, driven by the ample trust they have once they learn about Nordic Gastric Balloon. High level of trust in Denmark has always been a cornerstone of this happy nation. More than 70 percent of Danes trust other people, their government, and the system. The average for the rest of Europe is just over a third.

It’s also comforting to know that adding to this culture of trust, Denmark is considered one of three best countries in the world in the quality of acute health care provided to people, according to OECD report in 2017.

At Nordic Gastric Balloon hundreds of people have achieved their weight loss goals, and many of them have shared their success stories with other people via videos that are published here. With your willpower, awareness and our long experience, your weight loss with gastric balloons could be within reach, just a short trip away to Copenhagen.


£2200 for 6-months gastric balloon, including insertion, removal, dietary and behavioral counseling, clinical support.

£3000 for the 12-months gastric balloon, including insertion, removal, dietary counseling.

£2700 for the Elipse gastric balloon (swallowable capsule), including insertion, imaging, dietary counseling, clinical support, and digital scale and phone app.


Direct flights from the UK to Copenhagen airport lasts about two hours from London. You may book your flight to arrive on the same day of the procedure and then fly back to the UK the following day after enjoying a FREE night stay at a nearby cosy hotel. It’s considered safe to fly with the gastric balloon inside your stomach as airplanes maintain the normal pressure inside the cabins. Also, the airport x-ray body scanners don’t detect the silicone-based gastric balloons. So, have a safe flight.


Most patients choose to return home the same evening after balloon insertion and avoid staying overnight in Copenhagen, however, if you want to pick a small hotel next to our clinic, you may want to check out the cosy Fy and bi hotel in Valby. The clinic is about four minutes walking distance (350 meters) from the hotel. It’s located in the center of Valby city in Copenhagen, and a few blocks away from the strategic Valby train station. The airport is about 20 minutes away using a taxi, or 30 minutes if you choose the train. A pharmacy, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes are just around the corner. Copenhagen Zoo is just a few blocks away.

When you get back home

By far most people adapt to the balloon within a few days, and won’t need to come to the clinic again prior to adjusting or removing the balloon. If you feel sick, or have any questions, you’re welcome to give us a call in our opening hours at +45 53 56 33 31. If you need urgent care, you can call outside opening hours at a phone number that you will get after the procedure.

If your gastric balloon is of the adjustable kind (Spatz), you have an option of increasing or decreasing its volume after insertion. Some patients can benefit from an increase in the size of the balloon after few months of insertion if their weight loss seems insufficient, while others may ask for a decrease if they reach their weight loss goal earlier than expected or in certain intolerance cases. Either way, your priority appointment request in Copenhagen with Dr. Haytham will be received with the utmost urgency possible. Just give us a call.

You will also find a lot of good information on our website, and we encourage you to connect with us on facebook to stay updated with our educational multimedia content.

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